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AVRC Services Spotlight: Financial Assistance and Advocacy

It is recognized that a key element to leaving and/or recovering from an abusive situation is knowing if your basic needs are met moving forward. This can come in the form of:
–emergency transportation out of the area,
–or any combination thereof.
The Staff at the Arkansas Valley Resource Center (AVRC) can work with a survivor to possibly meet those needs, either directly through AVRC and/or with other local and state agencies. Depending on circumstances of the victimization, a survivor is able to work with AVRC to potentially access a number of resources that could address their needs.

While there may be some needs that available resources are not be able to cover, AVRC Staff can also strategize with the survivor on how to access existing resources to meet their needs, including approaching those needs from a different angle. Understand that no resource can be guaranteed at any given time. AVRC Staff will do their best to address financial issues as they are presented and work to advocate for the survivor to potentially secure the assistance needed to move forward from their victimization.

Contact AVRC today to see how staff may be able to work with you to best address your needs!

415 Colorado Avenue, La Junta, CO 81050
(719) 384-7764
TTY: (719) 384-1938
After Hours Colorado Relay dial 711 or 1-800-659-2656

AVRC is non-discriminatory agency regarding race, religion, color, gender, country of national origin, sexual orientation, mental health status, substance use or economic condition.

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