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National Crime Victims Rights’ Week 2022

Every year, millions of Americans are affected by crime. Many will need ongoing care and resources. April 24–30 is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, a time to celebrate the progress achieved, raise awareness of victims’ rights and services, and stand with our families, neighbors, friends, and colleagues whose lives have been forever altered by crime.

The 2022 theme for NCVRW is: Rights, Access, Equity for all victims.

Per the Office for Victims of Crime, this year’s theme underscores the importance of helping crime survivors find their justice by—

  • enforcing victims’ rights,
  • expanding access to services, and
  • ensuring equity and inclusion for all.

To kick off events for next week, City of La Junta Mayor Joe Ayala signed a Proclamation for NCVRW on April 18th.

Starting Sunday and through next week, please join Arkansas Valley Resource Center as we show victims and survivors that they are not alone, and that as a community we are committed to support them in finding justice and healing.

If you or a loved one are victim or survivor of violent crime, or you would like to know more about Victims Rights in Colorado, AVRC staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

415 Colorado Avenue, La Junta, CO 81050
(719) 384-7764
TTY: (719) 384-1938
After Hours Colorado Relay dial 711 or 1-800-659-2656

AVRC is non-discriminatory agency regarding age, race, religion, color, gender, country of national origin, sexual orientation, mental health status, substance use or economic condition.